I am the road trip/vacation planner in my house.  I am the one who does all the research, planning, budgeting, arranging, and even most of the packing.  It is a role I have had for a long time.  To be totally honest, it is a role I like…I am a little bit of a control freak when it comes to traveling.

My husband is totally fine with it.  In fact, if the travel planning was left up to him we would just leave the house with some clothes and start driving in a general direction with no plans of any kind on a holiday weekend and end up paying $150 dollars for a motel room that normally costs $25…and buying sheets so I would not just sleep in the car.  Oh wait, that is what we did the one time I let him “plan” the trip.

So why a travel blog?  Well, the simplest answer is that despite lots of great travel blogs, the information we needed was scattered and buried in forum responses or not even available sometimes. There were many really interesting, well-written blogs that were not helpful planning a vacation or a weekend trip for my family.

The truth is we don’t travel most of the year.  We did not give up our careers, sell our stuff and head out on the road.  Instead, we, like many others, get to take a family vacation one or two weeks a year at most. Most of our family travel for fun is packed into weekend trips. We travel mainly by car/van/SUV to locations in the United States. Moreover, we have a very limited travel budget.

Although most of our yearly travel involves going to see our family as we are now scattered across the United States, we sometimes travel with our extended family.  Thus, we have traveled with seniors, mobility restrictions, medical restrictions, active young adults, teens, kids, infants and everything in between.

The  challenges of multigenerational travel are often not addressed by travel websites, except for the occasional article or two.  Thus, I want to share information about our experiences in a way that might be helpful to others who may be traveling with persons of diverse abilities and interests.

Perhaps, it is just a place for me to organize our travel information, so I can reference when we plan to return.

Safe travels,


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